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”I have always wanted a quick-fix! And this really is that!” - Boel

“I would have fallen apart if you hadn’t shown me this method. It lowered the stress levels. And I could sleep well at night. I was then able to handle the situation calmly, objectively and in a balanced way.” - BT

“It has become much easier to do things because there is no judging in the activity. And there is more energy left afterwards.” - Linus

“Easy to do with the work team both digitally and when we meet. The method is crystal clear. It clears my mind and I’m in a better mood.”  - DZI, The Police Authority

“We often talk about Drop-a-level and if stress arises, there is always someone who suggests running the method before we move on. We now proceed with better flow and greater focus.”  - GK, The Police Authority

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Extremely quick and easy to implement with fantastic results!

I have recently started to apply the Drop-a-level techniques before and during golf and was over the moon with the effectiveness in helping me score better and enjoy the round. After going through the simple steps 2 or 3 times a round, I saw a noticeable difference in my ability on shorter shots around the green and putts. The reason for the rapid improvement, I believe, is due to the psychological benefits allowing me to ground myself and forget about a bad shot or hole that might have come before. This leads to increased confidence and far more focus on the shot I am about to play.

The first time I applied the method during a round of golf was after I had had a few bad holes in a row, my confidence was low and I was becoming increasingly frustrated. After taking a few minutes to going through the steps I instantly felt less frustrated, far happier and ended the round playing some of my best golf. I would conservatively say that I score 3-4 shots better when applying Drop-a-level and recently shot a 74 over 18 holes which is my best round of golf for over 6 years.

If you want to play better golf and enjoy yourself more, I would strongly suggest you implement these simple techniques long before you think of getting new clubs or even another golf lesson. It’s the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to knock stokes off your game.

THANK YOU BRITT FORSBERG!!!!! - Isaac, England


Photo: Britt Forsberg

“Drop-a-level is an accessible and important reset button. A way to focus on the future!” – Lisa, England

“That Britt workshop has worked feckin’ miracles on me. Please extend my special thanks to her. Astonishingly good results” - Trevor, England

“It pulled us together as a group. You are an angel” - L. Fairfield

Many challenges

My experience of this work was remarkable in terms of both immediate and ongoing results; the benefits of which continue to become more stabilised and enduring for me as I go about my daily life, especially as the dust is now settling from the highly enjoyable phase of the actual recent performance, which was so very well received by our audience. 

In fact the day after the digital seminar, I remember distinctly waking up feeling that I had naturally “Dropped a level” on awaking and having a feeling of calm and safety - as indicated by a reduction of the usual racing thoughts, that sometimes happens to me when I’m very busy or under extra stress. 

In the play we’ve just done, it was absolutely invaluable to me in terms of a very quick and easy method to gain a strong feeling of confidence and controlled performance acting power on stage.

In addition I experienced a stronger feeling of relaxed concentration during actual scenes especially those with lots of fast dialogue. 

I noticed that after this Training, my Acting performance felt more authentic, in character and naturally spontaneous in terms of behaving congruently in character on stage.

For example: looking at objects on stage and listening acutely to other Actors in character. 

This enabled me to be quietly inventive as the shows went on, without distracting myself or others on stage. 

The practice in daily life activities, including the non acting work that I do, has itself has also become a rather wonderful continuing experience of a very quick feeling of energised and alert calmness, even when on the move or having to deal with clients who have aggressive, difficult and persistent challenging behaviours. 

It is also proving to be an essential adjunct to my personal spiritual meditation practice, enabling me to augment this strong feeling of dynamic calmness into my personal practice, which is also highly energising.

I am truly delighted by all of this.

Naturally, based on my continuing and definite results; I would definitely recommend this Training to anyone to do; especially if you are a creative performer or work with difficult people, like I do. 

The Drop-a-level method is very easy to understand and to implement quickly and is handling with great care, respect and consummate skill by the highly experienced Britt Forsberg, who definitely knows her stuff! 

So overall then, I have experienced extremely satisfying results as a result of this Training. 

Big thanks to Britt for creating this remarkable and highly effective method! - T Scales


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Photo: Private

I’ve been singing my whole life. Due to the trauma of an incredibly destructive relationship where I was forced into silence, my singing also fell silent. Once the relationship ended and I entered a stage again it was a great sadness to realize that the joy I had previously felt every time I sang had actually turned into anxiety. I remained silent always knowing that a large part of who I am was missing.

I met Britt in my work as a performing arts producer and we immediately hit it off. I had already glanced in her book “I can’t do it. Why did I say yes?” which she so generously gifted to my workplace. I realized that what she described in the book was exactly how I felt about singing.

Britt thus became my vocal coach and my journey towards freedom began. Among the first things I said to her during our first session together was that I will definitely not use my voice. I was panicking! Britt said it was all right and we did some other exercises. The first thing I learned was “Drop-a-level”. We saw each other once a week, she gave me homework, we talked, laughed, cried – and a few months later we stood there in the room and sang together – and I wasn’t afraid!

A little more than a year after we started seeing each other, I sang in public for the first time. At the time of writing, I have just finished a series of weekly live broadcasts where I have sung with my husband and one of our best friends. What is the secret, you ask? Well, I have learned a very simple technique that helps me – regardless of circumstances – to be freed from whatever it is that stands in the way of my expression as a singer.

Drop-a-level has not only helped me overcome the anxiety linked to my singing but has been absolutely crucial both in my professional life and my private life. It’s a method that allows me to be more present, whether I’m on a stage, sitting in a meeting at work or having dinner with my family.

It’s truly life-changing!

- Love Pia