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The Book

I CAN’T DO IT! Why did I say yes?

Powerful Presence for Performers, Teachers and Public Speakers.

This book explains the Drop-a-level method in depth, plus it gives you more tools on how to become more agile in everything you do. The techniques are applicable to all situations in life.

My aim was for the book to give time not take time – so I created the cartoon character “You” for you to identify yourself with. In this book is You exposed to speaking in public – one of the top ten things people are most scared of. But you can call many situations a presentation, for example: performing, singing, teaching, playing football, doing martial arts, talk at a meeting, job-interview or simply just meeting people. 

The book is written in very easy English with many pictures. Follow You through a story that takes you an hour to read. This will show you the problem, the training and the result. You can then choose to go back to any exercise you want as they are easy to find and clearly described.