Privacy Policy

How is your personal data processed?

We protect your privacy and the personal data we process is in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Personal data controller

Britt Forsberg is responsible for all personal data collected and processed by the organization. For questions about this information, contact us via e-mail:


The personal data collected is mostly contact records for information, but is also used for certain advertising and marketing purposes. The data processed may include: Name, Address, Social Security number, Email address, Interests.


We save personal data if, for example, you have signed up for a newsletter, requested information about premises or otherwise come into contact with us and show interest in our objects or services. Only the data that is necessary for categorization and communication is saved.


In some cases, the organization may hire external organizations for, for example, marketing activities for its own purposes, and the data may be shared with them. Only the data necessary for the activity will be used. However, there is no disclosure of information to third parties for purposes other than our own communication and marketing. The data is saved as long as you are a customer with us or are considered to be able to become a customer within one year of registration.


All reasonable measures to prevent personal data from being disseminated outside the own organization, other than the above, will be taken.


By using our services or providing personal data to us in another way, you consent to the data being saved and handled in accordance with these terms.

Change of data

You can request an extract of the data registered about you at any time. You can also request that incorrect information be changed, or that your information be deleted. However, you cannot continue to be a customer with us or use our services if your data is deleted. To request changes or deletion of your data, you must send us a message:

Updated 2022-10-07