The Drop-a-level method helps you to be better at letting go of feelings and reactions connected to previous events, which no longer serve you. The result is that you see opportunities rather than obstacles.

We do not claim that Drop-a-level is the only thing you need for a better life, it’s the place to start. We have used many methods to sort out the past and to grow as human beings, and we keep doing that.

But we do know, for sure, that the Drop-a-level method has helped us to utilize other methods, thoughts and outlooks. Drop-a-level helps to get rid of unnecessary mess and creates calm and clarity.

And courage – courage to do.

Drop-a-level is not a competitor to other philosophies and methods. The other way around – we favour that we use what works for us, without unnecessary remarks upon each other’s ways to solve problems. That’s the point. We think we've argued long enough about whose mindset we should embrace or reject.

Drop-a-level symbol

Britt Forsberg

Director and teacher of theatre, voice, physical training and presentation.

Britt has developed and used the method Drop-a-level for over 30 years. She has seen how the method has helped people with all kinds of performances and challenges.

She now wants to spread this method and, in that way, contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable planet.