Drop-a-level symbol

The method

Train eye, ear, body and mind to focus on the task! This animation illustrates the problem, the method and the result. The person is about to hold a presentation in this example. But the method is transferable to all situations where performance anxiety prevents us from being as good as we can be.

The Drop-a-level method very simply explained:

In short - Using Drop-a-level clears away a lot of unnecessary clutter and we are therefore given the opportunity for development.

Stand or sit in neutral position.

This is the first step to let go. Stop doing what the body wants to do - which is related to a previous event.

Breathe in through the nose and let out a real sigh. You do this three times.

With each sigh, you let go of the feeling from the last experiences. For example a late bus or a comment from someone.

Drop-a-level = Let go so that you relax all the way down to the feet.

When you relax into the whole of you, it becomes calm and you get access to the knowledge and experience you have, without evaluating. It is our own changing opinion of ourselves that makes it complicated.

Look and listen to your surroundings without judging.

Here you train your eye and ear to see things without needing to have an opinion. It develops presence and clears away unnecessary emotions. This will make you freer to act in all environments.

Look at and listen to people without judging.

Practice looking and listening to anyone without having an opinion. It provides great opportunities for communication and collaboration because the task itself gets to be at the centre.