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A seminar in Drop-a-level aims at giving every individual and group, regardless of activity, a chance to get the best out of everyone involved where focus on the task is given priority.

Britt has spent over thirty years developing a method that is surprisingly simple and that leads to better collaboration, relaxation, and wiser use of energy and talent.

It is about stopping habitual remarking of each other. Unnecessary judging of oneself and others is often the source of conflict and limitations, both in the individual and in the group.

A seminar in Drop-a-level is a wise investment.

Drop-a-level is good for everyone.

The method helps and improves the individual’s and the group’s ability to:

Become a better listener

Dare to speak

Develop ideas


Work from home

Avoid burnout

Save many hours of unnecessary work

Inspire when you speak in front of people

Become a comfortable presenter, teacher and leader

Develop yourself as an athlete

Develop as a team in team sports

Develop yourself as an actor, singer, musician and dancer

Expand creativity in artistic groups

Become a braver, stronger and more humble person

Listen and work together as a family

This animation illustrates the problem, the method and the result.

The person is about to hold a presentation in this example. But the method is transferable to all situations where performance anxiety prevents us from being as good as we can be.